Building Shell

The building design features a bold entry, defined by a 44 foot high slate wall that runs the length of the building and echoes the surrounding mountain peaks, and draws visitors into a high volume lobby space which connects four centralized waiting areas.  Glass curtain walls anchors each end of the lobby providing dramatic vineyard and mountain views while a continuous skylight washes the wall with shadow and sunlight.

In selecting exterior skin materials, a combination of cost effective (split-face block), lightweight (GFRC panels), durable, low maintenance materials.  Building material systems were analyzed and cost models applied throughout the process in order to allow informed decision making.  Building masonry was detached from the steel moment frame to allow concurrent installation, and the panelized GFRC skin system was fabricated while the steel frame was being erected.  This enabled a fast tracked enclosure of the building shell within five months of groundbreaking.

Provider Modules

Close attention was given to departmental relationships between Family Practice, Internal Medicine, and Pediatrics.  Standardization of Exam Room equipment, and functional layout was studied and implemented with regard to local practices and future technologies. 

The Procedure Rooms, Nurse Clinic Rooms and Processing Stations were adapted to meet departmental needs, while placing critical staff closer to the Physician/Exam room modules.