Relocation of SCE, Pac Bell, and Comcast utilities from overhead lines to underground conduit required careful planning and coordination to minimize impact to the medical center and the community

The Valley Boulevard Widening Project at Kaiser Permanente’s Fontana Medical Center included sequential work on two separate streets, four intersections, and in the median

Representative Public Works Projects


Valley Boulevard Improvement

Public Works Projects can be among the most challenging and demanding projects for Owners, the Design Team, the Contractor, as well as the staff and visitors to your facility. Hamilton Construction has a successful track record in dealing with the entitlement, permit, construction, and approval processes required by Public Works projects

Our Elevator/Structure/Bridge project for Kaiser Los Angeles Medical Center provided a two-story pedestrian bridge across Edgemont Street, an had many unique challenges, including permit jurisdiction from OSHPD, the City of Los Angeles, and the Department of Public Works. The project included foundation and wall construction work in two Southern California Edison transformer vaults, and relocation of the existing electrical feeders to the main hospital vault. Temporary trailer-mounted generators and careful planning kept the hospital on line and fully operational during power cutover work.

Our Valley Boulevard Widening Project in the City of Fontana included phasing strategies which ensured the smooth flow of traffic throughout the project duration, the delivery of guaranteed milestones for street closure & reopening, undergrounding of overhead utility lines & pole removal, and relocation of mature trees to enhanced landscape areas.